Documentation Style Guide

For PEX 2.0's documentation, it is important to have a consistent style so that the documentation is easy to follow for users.


A tutorial is a recipe for a specific configuration. It doesn't necessarily describe every aspect of a PEX feature. The goal of a tutorial is to provide a path a user can easily follow to achieve a certain goal, like setting up an admin group or setting up a ladder of membership levels.

Each tutorial should follow a step structure, where each step describes what is being done, as well as how to do it in the various interfaces to access PEX (commands, gui, potentialy text file).

Subsystem Description

A subsystem description describes how a particular component of PEX works in detail. It's not focused on a specific way of doing things, but should give the information necessary to use the full feature set of the subsystem. Sections of one of these pages might be:

  • Commands

  • Effect on a subject of the various configuration states

  • How to apply these changes directly to a backend (file?)

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